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What is the Governing Board (FGB) and what does it do?
The Governing Board of St Luke's consists of 9 members appointed through election and the Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales. Governors must demonstrate a  willingness to support an active Christian school, preferably through their own personal faith or at least a strong sympathy towards the Christian ethos of the school.

The Governing Board has the following committee -
  • Pay and Performance Committee -          Mrs Sheila Cockcroft, Mrs Sandra Barrett, Mrs Louise Dempsey
  • Headteacher performance management - Mrs Nichola Towers, Mrs Tina Housley, Mrs Rachel Fox
The Governing Board is involved in all areas of the school, including how subjects are taught, how children should behave, how our budget is spent and setting goals and priorities for the future; they also interview and select staff. Governors meet for a formal meeting, attend occasional training courses and are regularly involved throughout the year in the life of the school.
Governing Board Members:
Mrs Nichola Towers - Chair of the FGB/ LA Governor
Mrs Sheila Cockcroft - Vice Chair of the FGB/ Co-opted
Mrs Gemma Zulu  (Headteacher)
Mrs Sandra Barrett (GDPR)
Mrs Susan Aldridge- Staff Governor (SEN)
Mrs Rachel Fox - Foundation Governor (Pupil Premium/Sports Funding)
Mrs Louise Dempsey - Parent Governor (Named safeguarding governor)
Mrs Tina Housley - Foundation Governor
Vacancy - Parent Governor