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Lunchtime at St Luke’s
Children may go home for lunch, have a school dinner or bring a packed lunch.
They may choose either a sandwich lunch or a cooked meal.

Packed Lunches
Please note sweets and chocolate bars are not allowed in school.

School Dinners
Meals are cooked and served on the premises. Please let us know if your child has a food allergy or requires a special diet.

If your child stays for a school meal could they please do so for the full half-term, not having school meals one day and a packed lunch the next.

The current cost for a school meal is £1.70 a day or £8.50 per week. School meals are free for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes.

School administrative staff do not deal with dinner money; however, they are available for advice. Dinner money is administered by FM Services.

Please send/bring dinner money for the week in an envelope with your child’s name and the amount enclosed written on the outside. Do try to send the correct amount as change is carried over to the following weeks and only repaid at the end of term.

Dinner money envelopes are available from the school office.

It is possible to pay monthly or termly, in advance, for school meals. Refunds for absences will be calculated at the end of such a period.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Bradford Council’ (School Meals)’. Please put your cheque card number, name and address on the back of your cheque.

Free School Dinners
If you think your child is eligible for free school dinners please contact our school office for details.
Recent research has indicated that children study better if they have constant access to drinking water.

Drinks of water are provided at lunchtime and the supervisors do remind the children to drink water.

We do promote the drinking of water throughout the day and Key Stage Two children are encouraged to bring their own bottles. We have two water coolers located in different places in school.

School Milk

Reception: School milk is free of charge for all reception children up to the age of 5.  On or just after their 5th Birthday milk is charge-able.
School milk is free to any child on free school meals from 1st January 2015 not universal free meals.
School milk may be purchased via Fresh Pastures, please contact school office for further information if you wish your child to receive milk.
Fruit juice with toast or a piece of fruit may be purchased each morning break at a cost of 25p for juice, 15p for toast, which is paid for weekly on a Monday.