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Week Beginning: 28th September 2020


We understand that there may be a number of reasons why it might be very difficult for any adult at home to support your child so we have provided a range of different learning within the weekly plans, including some online learning packages that your child is already familiar with as well as new resources that mirror some of the learning that will be happening in class that week.


Please see the below links.



Please visit the link below. Here you will find 5 maths lesson videos. Aim to do one a day. There are questions built into the videos and it may need to be intermittently paused in order to give your child time to complete the questions.


You will find the supporting math’s worksheets at the bottom of the page.





Please follow the following link to the Oak National Academy.


It is a link to a block of work that links very closely to the work we are currently doing in class as part of reading.



This week were are looking at capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Have a look at the following lessons.

Simple sentence powerpoint from twinkl - see bottom of page.


Read through a couple of slides with your child and have a go at writing a sentence together, encourage your child to sound out the words they are writing and to use a capital letter at the start, finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end of the sentence.




Can you write theses tricky words.

I, the, no, go


Phonics – review sh, ch ,th,  New sounds- ng, oo, ee


Can you write the diagraphs?

Can you write these words ship, shop, fish, dish, chip, chop, chat, think, that, teeth, ring, hang, moon, spoon, tree, sleep.


Write a sentence using these words. Remember you capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.




Tricky word songs




As usual weekly activities will be set for your child to complete these will be aligned to current learning taking place in the classroom.


Topic activity

Science- My body.

Draw a picture of yourself, can you label the different parts of your body.

Can you find out about what is inside your body- your skeleton, you organs such as your heart, lungs, stomach.