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Harry Potter Studio Tour - June 2017

We took part in the tour on our way back from London.

Welcome to our Year 6 page. Photographs of our trips and our work will appear here regularly. If you would like to photos from previous years, please click on the links indicated.
The Lion King, London - June 2017

The Globe Theatre, London - June 2017

On our London trip we visited the Globe Theatre, a reconstruction of William Shakespeare's original.
London Eye - June 2017
Rainy London - June 2017

London Landmarks - June 2017

The Tempest - May 2017
Mrs Zulu was really impressed last week when she was invited to view some of our Year 6 children's homework projects from last half term. The children had produced some wonderful scenes from 'The Tempest' at home. Well done Year 6.

The Tempest - May 2017

Helicopter Challenge - May 2017
We played the UN Helicopter game. After learning about the work of the United Nations and UNICEF we were divided into six teams and each given the name of a country and a 'helicopter company'. Everyone was issued with $170,000 that had to be used to purchase the resources of building the helicopters:
- Sheet Metal: $50,0000 (A4 paper)
- Technical Drawing equipment: $50,000 (pencil)
- Cutting machine: $50,000 (scissors)
- Template: $10,000 (template of helicopter)
- Stabilisers (optional): $10,000 (paper clip)
Once everyone had bought their raw materials, production of helicopters got underway. Initially only one helicopter could be made. The better it flew the more money was paid for it, from $100,000 to $300,000. Unfortunately, quite a large number crashed and so the team had to begin again. As the game progressed teams bought more equipment so that a production line was formed with several machines being constructed at a time.
During the game several natural disasters and world events occurred, including an earthquake in Pakistan that wiped out the company,everything was lost from equipment to money. An appeal from the UN resulted in other teams donating either cash or equipment so that they could start again.
When it came to break time, those countries in the First World (Cyprus, the UK and USA) had juice and a mini chocolate roll. There were more than enough refreshments so it was suggested they might share with the poorer countries and they did!
A great afternoon's activity was had with superb team work in evidence.

Helicopter Challenge - May 2017

Shape Challenge - May 2017
We were given a shape challenge where we constructed models of three dimensional shapes using polydrons. We had to identify faces, faces and edges and correctly name the shape. We made cuboids, cubes, icosahedrons, octahedrons and dodecagons.

Shape Challenge - May 2017
Visit to the Anne Frank exhibition at Kala Sangham - March 2017

Frisbee Training - September 2016

Historic Bradford - September 2016