St Luke's CE Primary School

Learning together, supporting each other, with God's love.

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Supporters of St Luke's (SOS) Current  Members:

Mrs L Dempsey - Chair
Mrs L Marks  - Vice Chair
Mrs K Cocker - Named Parent
Mrs A Dobson - Named Parent

Mrs S Senior - Named Parent
Mrs K Kaur -  Parent Member
Mrs N Towers - Parent Member

Miss S Horsbrough - Executive Headteacher
Mrs G Zulu - Head of School
Mrs R Spencer - Assistant Headteacher

All members can be contacted via the school office.

We welcome and encourage all parents and carers to attend our SOS meetings.
 Karen Kaur                                 Helen Kindon

  Nichola Towers                            Susan Senior - Named Parent
Angela Dobson -Named Parent    Lorna Marks - Vice Chair

 Kelly Cocker - Named Parent      Louise Dempsey - Chair