St Luke's CE Primary School

Learning together, supporting each other, with God's love.

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Supporters of St Luke's (SOS) Current  Members:

Mrs L Dempsey - Chair
Mrs C Dignam  - Vice Chair
Mrs L Marks  - Named Parent
Mrs K Cocker - Named Parent
Mrs A Dobson - Named Parent

Mrs S Graves - Named Parent
Mrs A Pinder - Named Parent
Mrs K Harrison - Named Parent
Mrs N Towers - Parent Member
Mrs C Backhouse - Parent Member
Mrs D Greenwood - Parent Member

Mrs G Zulu - Headteacher
Mrs S Aldridge - School Business Manager

All members can be contacted via the school office.

We welcome and encourage all parents and carers to attend our SOS meetings.
 Louise Dempsey - Chair            Claire Dignam - Vice Chair

  Nichola Towers                            Susan Senior - Named Parent
Angela Dobson -Named Parent     
 Lorna Marks - Named Parent 

 Kelly Cocker - Named Parent